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Super Typhoon Noru strengthening as it heads for Philippines
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25/09/2022 14:08:04

Super Typhoon Noru, known locally as Super Typhoon Karding, is approaching the northern Philippines and is expected to make landfall late Sunday afternoon local time.
Russian military escalation and 'bogus threats' show Putin has been 'outsmarted' by Ukraine, says UK PM
CNN.com - RSS Channel - App International Edition

25/09/2022 13:40:48

Vladimir Putin's announcement of increased military conscription to bolster Moscow's invasion of Ukraine shows that the Russian President "has been outsmarted" by Kyiv, UK Prime Minister Liz Truss told CNN in an exclusive interview, as she set out her stall on foreign policy.
Floridians brace for Tropical Storm Ian, forecast to rapidly intensify
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25/09/2022 13:39:28

As Tropical Storm Ian barrels towards Florida -- potentially strengthening to a Category 4 hurricane before slamming the state later this week -- residents are preparing for what could be the Sunshine State's first major hurricane in four years.
Putin's army without a cause
CNN.com - RSS Channel - App International Edition

25/09/2022 13:17:31

When Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine in February, many questioned the commitment of his troops to the cause. How strongly would they fight a neighboring nation with longstanding ties and a shared history? 
'Humiliating': Author on being detained by morality police in Iran
CNN.com - RSS Channel - App International Edition

25/09/2022 12:49:46

Parnaz Foroutan, author of the memoir "Home Is a Stranger," says morality police in Iran detained her for showing part of her ankle beneath her full-length skirt. 
Protests, drafting mistakes and an exodus: Putin's 'partial mobilization' off to chaotic start
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25/09/2022 10:08:47

Russia's "partial mobilization" for its war in Ukraine is off to a chaotic start amid protests, drafting mistakes and an exodus of citizens fleeing Russia, as the Kremlin tightens rules around evading military orders.
US, South Korea in 'full readiness posture' after North Korean missile launch: Seoul
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25/09/2022 02:36:08

North Korea has fired at least one suspected ballistic missile into the waters off the east coast of the Korean peninsula, according to officials in both South Korea and Japan.
See Russian men bussed away to fight in Putin's war
CNN.com - RSS Channel - App International Edition

24/09/2022 01:03:28

Russian men are being conscripted as a part of Putin's "partial mobilization" to fight in Ukraine. CNN's Matthew Chance reports.
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