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The world looks on as Erdogan jockeys for a third decade of power in Turkey
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27/01/2023 13:20:43

Turkey is less than four months away from a presidential election that could extend the 20-year rule of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan into a third decade. Analysts say that the result may be a close call for the long-term leader. 
Is Prince Andrew planning to revisit his US sex abuse case?
CNN.com - RSS Channel - App International Edition

27/01/2023 13:04:34

You might get a sense of deja vu with this edition of Royal News. Long-time readers will probably recall the scandal that engulfed Britain's royal family this time last year as Prince Andrew faced legal action in the United States over alleged historical sexual abuse.
Lethal Israeli raid marks deadliest day in over a year
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27/01/2023 12:59:53

Israeli forces killed nine Palestinians and wounded several others in the West Bank city of Jenin on Thursday, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said, prompting the Palestinian Authority to suspend its security coordination with Israel. 
Russians on Western tanks for Ukraine: 'Our opinions mean diddly-squat'
CNN.com - RSS Channel - App International Edition

27/01/2023 09:16:35

After the announcement of Germany and the US to supply tanks to Ukraine, Russia's propaganda machine is working at full throttle. Russian state TV playing down risks to Russian troops in Ukraine seems to be working on some - but not everyone is buying the hype. CNN's Nic Robertson reports.
CNN went to rural China after zero-Covid. Here's what we found
CNN.com - RSS Channel - App International Edition

27/01/2023 08:31:41

In China's southern Guizhou province, there's a tiny village in the southeast corner, nestled deep within the mountains, called Dali. A wall of lush green trees and bamboo surround this village of about one-thousand people, who've lived in wooden homes with gray-tiled roofs for centuries.
See moment that shocked CNN reporter during interview deep in rural China
CNN.com - RSS Channel - App International Edition

27/01/2023 07:23:11

CNN's Selina Wang traveled to rural China during the traditional Lunar New Year. See how government officials responded.
Scott Galloway on the 'scarier part' of AI tools like ChatGPT
CNN.com - RSS Channel - App International Edition

26/01/2023 04:20:35

ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot that interacts with users and can provide lengthy and thorough responses to questions and prompts, is stunning users. Professor Scott Galloway from NYU Stern School of Business joins CNN's Anderson Cooper to discuss.
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